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Note: The clips on this page are not necessarily focused on Maggie or The Wizard of Oz.

A "fantasy video" is not porn, so you can calm's me experimenting, doing something to improve original footage or make it more interesting. For example, back in the 1960s, stereo TV was not around, so even though a stereo track may have been available everything was broadcast in mono. A fantasy video would be a clip in which that mono track is replaced with its identical stereo track, thus making it a lot more interesting to hear today. The Hullabaloo clips here are perfect examples.

A fantasy video could also be one in which I've taken the musical soundtrack, only ever recorded in mono, and used sophisticated software to isolate voices and instruments to create a "true" (but fake) stereo version. The Hertz commercial on this page is an example that turned out fairly well; the Juicy Fruit Gum commercial is a very mediocre example.

So there you have it: A fantasy video is like a this-is-how-it-coulda-been-done video or broadcast. Any time I've done this to a video, you'll see it marked as such in the description below and in the video's opening. Please do not post these videos anywhere, especially YouTube, or monitize them in any way. I do monitor this and will act accordingly.

Fantasy Restoration
: Pepsi "Street", 1984-5

All of the 1980s Pepsi ads featuring Michael Jackson were entertaining and memorable. This one was amazing.

It is called Street, and it features a Broadway child star named Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Willie in the musical, The Tap Dance Kid. Alfonso—who is rumored to be a nice guy—went on to star in several television series, notably as Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

I happened to have a vinyl 45 of this ad, containing stereo music of both the short and long versions. It was probably intended for radio-station ads...I don't know for sure. I don't even remember where or when I got the record, but I incorporated it into this video. It required some tweaking, but turned out well.

Fantasy Restoration
: Pepsi:Cola Nickel Nickel, 1940s

Back in the 1940s, when Americans went to the movie theater, they were often shown commercials in between double-features. This is one of those cartoon ads, and it is for Pepsi:Cola.

The original source for this ad (I believe it came directly from people who worked at Pepsi, many years ago) said that the ad was dated 1946. The bottles shown in the ad have the double dot between the words Pepsi and Cola. Some sources say the double dot wasn't used until 1948; others say 1945.

The footage in this ad has been processed using AI, which sharpened the images and colors, and removed the artifacts throughout the film. Some blurred sections of the footage could not be restored. The audio has also been enhanced.

Dino, Desi, & Billy: RC "Mad Mad Mad Mad" RC Cola, 1967

Teen idols from the 1960s, "Dino, Desi, & Billy"...and let's face it, it helped to have ultra-famous parents in order to star in this polished ad for "RC Cola", made exclusively for the Nancy Sinatra special, Movin' with Nancy.

Dino was Dean Paul Martin, son of Dean Martin and Olivia Hussey. Desi of course was Lucy and Desi's son. Billy Hinsche was a high-school friend of Dino and Desi.

Dino was the pride of his father, appeared in his dad's popular television series, and truly seemed like a nice guy. At age 34, his tragic death in a military plane crash shattered his dad, who understandably never got over the loss. Ironically, the mountain where the plane crashed was the same range that took the life of Frank Sinatra's mother in an earlier (private plane) crash, according to Nancy.

Desi is the only surviving member of the group. Billy died in 2021...and by twisted coincidence—or blessing—his mom died the same day.

This ad was in sub-standard condition on the out-of-print DVD of the Sinatra television special. The audio track was especially poor. Both are now improved, and with simulated stereo.

Fantasy Video
: Evening at Pops: Carpenters "Close to You", 1974

Probably the most technically challenging video on the site, this one also has the reputation of being one of the worst quality Carpenters footage ever (go check that big site if you don't believe me). That's because it was likely shown once on PBS, and (presumably) never broadcast again and never released on tape or disc.

A few years back, PBS broadcast a tribute to Arthur Fiedler, and sometime during that program, about one minute of pristine footage of Close to You surfaced. I just happened to be recording that show directly to my computer at the time...purely coincidental. But I got it.

Since I had a comparatively good copy of the entire 1974 show, I wove the new footage into the old, and placed a 6-second countdown in the bottom left corner of the video, just before the pristine footage starts. Without a doubt, this is the best available copy of this show segment anywhere.

Fantasy Video
: Look For the Union Label, 1978, followed by Joe Glazer Rendition

Again...which came first, the ad or the song? This time it was the song. The ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Workers Union) chose this song for a series of television ads/PSAs broadcast in the 1970s. At the time, the ILGWU was one of the largest labor unions in the US.

The ads were a resounding success. The song and the air of patriotism caused viewers to swell with pride for American-made products. Alas, corporate conglomerates ultimately snuffed out most of the of the biggest mistakes Americans ever let happen. Just move production facilities to other countries where slave labor guarantees big profits for shareholders and not workers...problem "fixed". Also note that back in 1978, the myth of "white supremacy" was missing in this ad. There appears to be true percentage representation of whites, blacks, women, men in this women's labor union. It wasn't the misleading propaganda that infests corporate media today.

Joe Glazer, American folk singer, recorded this song along with an uncredited female vocalist (her name is impossible for me to find anywhere). After the ad plays, Joe's version immediately follows, along with 1953 footage that has been processed using AI. This footage is courtesy of the legendary Prelinger Archives.

Fantasy Video
: Great Shakes TV Ad, 1965

Very famous TV ad from about 1965, featuring a pop song that was played just about everywhere.

Any place can be a soda fountain now...well, not exactly. The rather large packets were added to a rather small plastic shaker cup (included with the kit), and you were supposed to have an instant milkshake, sans the ice-cream parlor. A lot of people swore by the quality of the drinks, but in reality, they were so-so shakes, more like a milk sweetener. I believe the flavors were the basic three: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This product was around for a few years, but when '60s pop music declined, Great Shakes was discontined by General Foods.

There are zero pristine copies of this ad circulating on the web. The ones that exist are either black-and-white or a red-tinted color, and they are loaded with artifacts, scratches, and audio hiss. This clip is still sub-standard quality, but it has been AI improved and colorized (not sure if it was originally filmed in color).

Fantasy Video
: No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In), Alka-Seltzer, 1965

Which came first, the ad or the hit song? In this case, the ad! Filmed and recorded in December 1965 for Alka-Seltzer, this ad's music soundtrack (recorded by studio musicians) later became a pop-radio hit in 1966 and beyond.

The pop song was by newly invented group, the T-Bones. Some of the group members were from the original studio musicians; the T-Bones became the face of the song.

Everything about this version of the ad has been enhanced and re-invented. It was filmed in black-and-white; the original music was mono; the quality of the master footage was in need of a major clean-up. Here it is, presented in color with a stereo soundtrack. The beginning notes are borrowed from the later stereo recording of the song by the T-Bones (originally, there was a peculiar silence for a few seconds at the beginning, when the one guy poked the other guy's belly).

Fantasy Video
: Fictional Restoration of The Seekers' I'll Never Find Another You, 1968

Restored to its original glory, here is the Australian group, The Seekers, featuring the vocals of Judith Durham.

Durham had a voice second to none; for such a wisp of a woman, her vocals always soared above the instrumentation and background vocals.

For a short while, she left the group for a solo career; the impact on the remaining members was beyond traumatic...she didn't realize how devastating it was to the group's morale and success, impacts she never intended. Ultimately, she returned, and they all remained close thereafter. Judith died in August 2022.

The source video for this clip was in good shape, but loaded with artifacts, video noise, dirt, and those strange little hairs we often see on older film. It has been processed several times to remove those blemishes and to sharpen the picture. Stabilization was added to remove the video's annoying jitters. The resulting high-grade version was reduced for web presentation here.

To the best of my knowledge, this song was recorded in mono only. A few years back, Eric Records released a synthetic stereo version (called DES...digitally extracted stereo). I did request a DES version of this song about a year before they released it...not sure if my request was honored or if it was just coincidence. All of their products are superior; highly recommended.

Fantasy Video
: A Song For You, Carpenters, 1972

Poignant rendition of Leon Russell's A Song for You (you can hear his version on that know which one).

Pay attention to the lyrics. "And when my life is over..." gets me every time.

This is from a 1972 television special, "The Bob Hope Show". Karen, Richard, and the band were syncing to the studio recording, which was highly edited. The entire saxophone section by band member Bob Messenger--who passed away in November 2021--was removed for TV...a shame. However, you can see him in the background holding the instrument...a nice touch to include him, was one of his finest performances in the studio. I have no idea who the drummer is...Cubby O'Brien was touring with the band at the time, beginning the summer of 1972.

Once more, the footage was processed using A.I., and as usual, it did a fine job of showcasing Karen in her close-ups (that unflattering hair helmet sure dates this one, don't you think?). The stereo recording was edited to perfectly match the original mono audio from the TV show. There were three fixes to that recording, to remove slight crackles. The phony audience applause was intentionally omitted.

The Jitterbug, 1964

This is from the old Judy Garland Show, filmed in October 1963, but not aired until March 1964. Without doing any research on these dates, I'd wager that the murder of John F Kennedy factored into the delayed airing.

The Jitterbug song was originally supposed to be in the 1939 Wizard of Oz, but it ended up on the cutting-room floor and was never included in the film.

With Ray Bolger as guest, it was an opportunity for Judy to introduce the song and its story to the world. This was back in 1963, long before the Harold Arlen home-movie footage of the The Jitterbug surfaced in 1983...few remembered that there was this song cut from the movie. Jane Powell—who had one of the best singing voices in the business—is perfectly matched with Garland, and Ray Bolger's brief role as the bug is silly fun.

This clip is from the original black-and-white footage of the show. It has been processed using AI, colorized, and the audio is enhanced with simulated stereo. Fantastic early '60s jazzy music and dancing...dig those crazy bongos, as Maynard G Krebs would say. There are at least two missteps in the choreography...can you spot them?

Fantasy Video
: Ali MacGraw, Barry Manilow for Polaroid Swinger Camera, 1965, A.I. Assist

These are the award-winning ads that saved Polaroid from bankruptcy in the mid-1960s and launched Ali MacGraw's career as a film actress. There are three full ads and one promo. Included is a rare Christmas ad that I haven't seen anywhere else on the web. Each ad has been cleaned of most "blips" and scratches, and the audio of Barry Manilow has been enhanced using simulated stereo.

The colorized versions of these ads are inferior, with a lot of color shifting/blinking in all of them. This is due to the comparatively "noisy" condition of the original footage...even though these are the best copies on the web. I've had them for a couple of decades and have never presented them on my previous sites, at least not in the cleaned up conditions presented here. Note that in the colorized versions, the photos shown needed to remain black-and-white, as the Swinger was not yet able to take color photos...not an easy task.

I never knew—until this year—that a very young Barry Manilow sung the jingle. He wrote many commercial jingles back in those days, but not this one...he only sang it. The Swinger camera itself was a smashing success at first, but after a couple of years, users became less enamoured due to the poor visual quality of the black-and-white photos AND their tininess.

The first two ads included a lot of subliminal sexual imaging, some of it so brief that it was hardly noticed. The bikini scene (crotch shot), the dancing female's nipples outlined in her top, the guy shoving his hot dog into the female's mouth (that lightening-fast scene is hilarious, if you catch it)...typical "sex sells" marketing; even the "Swinger" name had sexual suggestions. All of this was still rather risque, even in the mid-1960s, when Jeannie's belly button was not allowed to be shown on TV. But, "subliminal" was the corporate rage for clueless viewers.

Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: Addams Family Morticia's Romance, 1965, Colorized

On the 13th anniversary of Morticia and Gomez's marriage, Morticia tells the family of when she and Gomez first met. Ester Frump (Maggie playing the future Granny Frump), wanted her eldest daughter (Ophelia) married off first, but Gomez fell for Morticia instead.

This was a two-part episode, first airing on 24 September 1965.

This fantasy video has been processed using A.I., with colorization added. Aside from minor flickering of the reds, the colorization was fairly natural, especially in the close-ups of daughter Ophelia. Of course, this clip is an original colorization and is first appearing right here. Please don't: Placement of this video on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Cass' Mama and Mama Cass, Bess Cohen and Cass Elliot, 1973 and 1972

This video starts out with Cass Elliot's mother, Bess Cohen, starring in a Chun King television commercial, from 1973. The second half features Cass singing "Minnie the Moocher" from a November 1972 broadcast of The Julie Andrews Hour.

Cass was a semi-regular on the short-lived Julie Andrews Hour, appearing in four episodes, including the only Christmas special. Without doing any research whatsoever, I get the impression that Cass and Julie were good friends and fond of each other. Cass was certainly a good sport, and had no problem with self-deprecating humor, especially with regard to her body weight.

In the final seconds of this clip, notice that when the dancers circle around Cass, she gets a humorous expression on her face, knowing that she's about to be lifted high in the air. Her last girlish giggling at the end is as endearing as it is amusing.

Sweet Sweet Smile Remix, Carpenters, 1978

This is one of the Carpenters' best songs, very underrated, never receiving the kind of airplay it deserved. This clip is from a German television show, Star Parade, and was first aired in 1978.

The opening notes have been replaced with a rousing drumbeat, featured later in the clip, but with the vocals removed. There is nothing wrong with the original opening; consider this just an alternate version.

As with most of the Carpenters videos on this site, A.I. is unusually kind to Karen, enhancing her facial features in a very natural way. The audio track is pristine and you can hear all the fine details so characteristic of Richard's arrangements. Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Bewitched, With Lyrics, Elizabeth Montgomery, 1966

Here's a witch that nearly everybody would agree was prettier than the Glinda. In this opening of The Hollywood Palace, 01 October 1966, Elizabeth Montgomery performs with dancers to the theme song from the television series Bewitched. What makes this different is that the theme song had lyrics, but they were omitted from the TV opening; instead, an instumental-only version was used. Steve Lawrance actually sang this song on a rare vinyl single record...which made it only to that record, and was seldom heard anywhere.

Back in the '60s, costumes and gowns were often recycled from one show to the next. Such was the case with Montgomery's gown in this clip. This particular gown was first used in Bewitched episode 73 (2 June 1966); it was also used in three later episodes. So why does the composite photo on the left show the dress as green? That show was filmed in black-and-white; when it was colorized for DVD decades later, the computer colored it green.

The audio track for this clip has been enhanced with simulated stereo. It is most noticeable when the choir starts singing the lyrics. I'm not sure if Montgomery enjoyed doing this show...her facial unhappiness near the end of the clip--which too quickly turned into a smile--has always been annoying.

Finally, as an added bonus, here's the version of Steve Lawrence singing the entire theme song. It is a mono-to-stereo conversion, introduced here for the first time anywhere. This song was originally recorded and released in 1964 or 1965 (release date varies). In hindsight, it's surprising that it never made it big as a single.

Fantasy Videos
: Jay and the Americans, 1965, A.I. Assist (Upgraded 9 April 2023)

This unique video was upgraded and enlarged 9 April 2023, a sort of fictional restoration. The colorization is vastly improved, and the simulated stereo has been slightly normalized. See comparison below, with the previous version shown on the left and this version shown on the right. The source material is in very poor condition (black and white, muddled audio, video noise), as can be seen on that big site. I was surprised to see so much natural colorization in this remake, the result of removing much of the video noise from the source material. There is still slight color flickering but not nearly as bad as the previous version.

Two clips, taken from the 02 February 1965 television show, Hullabaloo. The first is Only In America, containing the original soundtrack, which was sung live by the group. It is a slower version of the studio release...too bad it wasn't released as an alternative track at the same time as the studio version.

The second clip is from the same show, only this time, the group was lip-syncing to the studio release of Let's Lock the Door [and Throw Away the Key]. I've replaced that muffled-sounding track with the stereo release, as well as applied A.I. and colorization (to be upgraded in the near future). The woman that stealthily shifts from one pillar to the other? I have no clue why she's there, but it was trendy at the time for women to adorn the stage and do nothing except be like mannequins. It looked like she received an off-stage cue to "move a little closer," from one pillar to another after the initial beauty shot (note how nicely A.I. brought out her facial features). Incidentally...those two sounds at the beginning of the song? A squeaky hinge, followed by the slamming of a door.

All of the Hullabaloo master tapes were destroyed long ago. Kinescope copies of the shows are all that remains; to the best of my knowledge, only three shows exist in their original color. The 02 February 1965 copy of the show is in terrible condition, both video and audio...just go to that big site to see what I mean. Hopefully, these clips bring out a richer viewing experience; Jay Black and his group certainly deserved the attention for what they gave us back in the '60s. Hard to believe, but Black filed for bankruptcy later in life (gambling problem); he died in October 2021. He was not the first "Jay" (that honor went to John "Jay" Traynor); his real name was David Blatt.

Fantasy Video
: You're Just In Love, Karen Carpenter and John Davidson, 1980, A.I. Assist

John Davidson is the nearly forgotten co-star on the Carpenters' last television special, Music Music Music. He was a nice balance to the brother and sister duo as well as to the other star featured on the show, Ella Fitzgerald.

Davidson was a huge, multi-talented name back then, even filled in as host of Carson's Tonight Show on occasion. The chemistry shown in this charming clip between John and Karen was real; he did date her for awhile. You can see him talking to her a couple of times in this clip, in between the vocals.

Davidson is now 80 years old and lives a life that suits him well. If you want to read a most interesting update on what became of him--with photos--the story is right here.

(Upgraded September 2023) Fantasy Videos
: Hullabaloo (in color and stereo), 1965

Hullabaloo was a short-lived 1960s TV show for the younger generation. In its day, it was must-see television for teens and young adults.

Master copies of this show are long gone; only three (I believe) color shows survived; the remaining shows are black-and-white kinescopes...most are poor quality. Both of the videos presented here are best-available color copies; true stereo soundtracks have been added.

David Winters was the choreographer for the show (he died 23 April 2019 at age 80). Legendary Peter Matz and his orchestra provided the music. In the second clip, Winters' moves are precise and physically exhausting to watch. Please don't: Placement of these videos and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

(Upgraded August 2023)
: Medley from Music Music Music, Carpenters, 1980, A.I. Assist

Previously, this was my first attempt at using AI to improve videos on the site. It turned out okay for a first attempt, but it needed to be reprocessed to make it larger and clearer. Well, that time has is now a larger format, and the background faces now look presentable (see the standing oboe player guy, who no longer looks like Frankenstein). It's not perfect, just better. And that annoying shoestring thing on the floor in a couple of shots has magically vanished.

I've included this video because it is my favorite music video, a real stunner. A stereo audio track replaces the original mono track; Karen never sang live on this show, rather, she lip-sync'd. Also, I removed the fake audience clapping at the beginning and end (there was no audience when this special was filmed back in 1980). Karen and Richard were the most powerfully talented music duo in *my* history book; their music touches the soul, as demonstrated in this video.

This video is over 9 minutes long and is now even larger than the first version at 78mb. For close-ups of Karen and Richard, a special A.I. facial enhancer was used...the results are fairly stunning, especially for Karen.

In these troublesome times throughout the world, I thought we could all use a lift. The Carpenters' music has been doing just that since the 1960s. After over 50 years, their music is still as popular as ever, especially in the US and Japan.

Fantasy Video
: Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet, Henri Mancini, 1973, A.I. Assist

UPDATED: This site recently added new software for video production that includes artificial intelligence (AI) used during the processing of videos. What AI does is bring new life, new clarity, and improved visuals to source video that is in sub-standard condition, such as footage from an old VHS tape. That was the case with this video: although the source video was in fairly good condition, it was still grainy, lifeless, and indistinct. The difference after AI is like night and day. There will be future updates of existing content on this site, using AI.

Back in 1969, when Mancini released his version of the Love Theme, it not only zoomed to the top of pop charts, it became an enduring favorite. Oddly, there are few videos on the web showing Mancini playing this song, except for this one, which was never released on home video. It was broadcast on Julie Andrews' last show of the short-lived Julie Andrews Hour.

In this video, the mono soundtrack has been replaced with the stereo version. It is exactly sync'd with the video footage, so if it appears that Mancini is not aligned with his music, I have no explanation. This video was sourced from somebody who had access to professional recording equipment the evening it aired, back in 1973. What you see is about as good as over-the-air TV got back in those days. That's Julie, sitting in the background.

Fantasy Video
: Carpenters' Top of the World, French TV 1980/81 (Upgraded 26 Feb 2023)

I've had this clip for decades, and it was featured on an earlier website in my previous life. It is a controversial clip because fans noted Karen's weakening voice, her "breathlessness", and her gaunt appearance.

What makes this video different from others on the web is the original audio is preserved...mostly. Karen sings along with the studio recording. I've modified the audio in two ways: 1) The opening notes on the original were badly clipped, so I replaced them with the studio version, and 2) I isolated and normalized (increased the audio level of) Karen's vocals while decreasing the audio levels of the background instrumentals and vocals, which seemed to drown out Karen at times. In this way, you can hear the somewhat weakened state of Karen's voice as anorexia took its toll on her body. In my opinion, especially if you listen to the studio recording of this song, her voice was slightly weakened and wispy, but for the most part, she still sounded pretty terrific.

Note that the outfit she's wearing is exactly the outfit she wore in the 1980 broadcast of their special, Music Music Music, right on down to her necklace. But her hair style is the later 1981 frizzy/frazzled style, a not-so-becoming look for her...the bushy fullness likely made her appear heavier than she really was. Richard, of course, looked polished and healthy. My archive notes say that this was broadcast in 1981...I don't know for sure.

Fantasy Video
: Fictional Restoration Mamas & Papas, 1966

From the 1960s television show, Hullabaloo, the Mamas and the Papas singing Nowhere Man.

This clip is known to exist only in black-and-white as the original color broadcast copy was destroyed long ago. I processed the footage using four technologies that: 1) remove dust and artifacts, 2) sharpen and colorize, 3) fine-tune frame rate for the web, and 4) convert the original mono track to simulated stereo.

The left-side screen-capture below shows the previous quality clip that appeared here; the right-side screen-capture compares this new release:

Even though Hullabaloo was broadcast in color, only three color copies of entire shows are known to have survived. All the rest exist as black-and-white kinescopes...and they are mostly poor quality.

Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: Chevrolet 1964, Alternate Ad 1964, Chevy 1973

Here's the most famous and scariest Chevrolet TV ad, filmed from a helicopter in 1963 flying at the top of Castleton Tower in Moab Utah. The model is Shirley Rumsey, she is scared out of her mind, and there is a mechanic hiding under her dress holding her ankles so that she wouldn't get blown out of the car and down...down...down. The car is just a stripped down shell: no motor, no innards.

I've enhanced the scratchy shrill audio track, reduced the voiceover reverb, added some stereo effects, and removed many of the artifacts from the film footage.

Yes, after the filming was completed, the winds kicked in, and it was not possible to airlift Shirley back down to earth. Contrary to many reports, no, she and her mechanic did not spend the night on top of Castleton Tower; after a couple of hours, the winds died down, and both humans were airlifted to safety.

(UPDATE) On the left is the briefer alternate 1964 version of the same ad, rarely found anywhere. Other than lightening the clip, reducing some of the greenish hues, and getting rid of the time-stamp, I haven't tinkered with the audio or anything else: This is how I found it.

And as promised awhile back, here is the super-rare 1973 "do-over" Chevy Impala ad atop Castleton Tower, with a new model leaning against the car at the edge of the tower, trying to look relaxed and casual. I have vertigo, and simply watching these ads gives me sweaty palms, as I imagine plummeting over the edge in one final sight-seeing trip down the tower. This clip had a large, white time-stamp on it, which has been blurred out. It is not in good condition, but is the only available copy I could find anywhere. Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: Carpenters Ticket To Ride, 13 February 1971, A.I. Assist

Exceptionally talented Karen and Richard Carpenter singing their classic version of Ticket To Ride on The Andy Williams Show, which aired 13 February 1971. Of course, Andy was featured in this song, and he seemed to enjoy the performance as much as we viewers did.

This particular clip was very hard to locate up until a few years ago. When a cleaner version was available, somebody practically ruined it with three or four intrusive watermarks throughout the entire performance.

I've removed those watermarks (the blurred areas are where they used to be); it's impossible to remove them without leaving behind residual effects. In addition, a stereo audio track has been added. Apparently, Richard Carpenter had possession of it. It sounds like the stereo instrumentals were recorded/added after this perfomance aired...I'm not sure. Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: On the Flip Side Try to See It My Way, 7 December 1966

Third extremely rare color version from the television special, "Stage 67: On the Flip Side" Try to See It My Way, which aired 7 December 1966.

In this clip, Joanie Sommers--playing an angel who is temporarily on earth to help Nelson--is trying to persuade him to change his singing style so that he can be a musical success. Eventually, Nelson gives in.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no complete color version of this show in circulation anywhere. Stereo versions, as I've presented on this page, do not include the vocals as originally broadcast in 1966.

Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: Juanita's Place, 7 December 1966

Second extremely rare color and mixed stereo clip from an ABC Stage 67 television special, On the Flip Side, starring Rick Nelson and Joanie Sommers.

The music in this special was by Burt Bacharach, and this song, Juanita's Place, was one of the best. You'll hear classic Bacharach style in the odd dance scene at the pre-disco-era hang-out. The weird violence (not really a dance fad back then) depicted in this scene was artistic commentary of the times: the Vietnam "war" was raging, there was a military draft in effect, kids were being needlessly slaughtered, and it was another era of human degradation, courtesy of the profiteers in the military-industrial complex.

Juanita was comedian Donna Jean Young, who had fleeting success in early TV shows (Laugh-In) and also recorded a comedy album. She died in 2010 at age 74.

Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: On the Flip Side, 7 December 1966

Extremely rare color and mixed stereo clip from an ABC Stage 67 television special, On the Flip Side, starring Rick Nelson and Joanie Sommers. This show attained cult status by a relatively small group of fans, and for good reason: The music in it is superb, and the storyline absolutely reflected Rick Nelson's career history. The most oddball thing about the show was '60s favorite Joanie Sommers in a blonde awful choice but likely done to demonstrate her character's angelic origin.

The music in this special was by Burt Bacharach, and this particular show aired only once, in late 1966. If you go to that big site, you'll see that only black-and-white versions are available...and the quality is hands-down cruddy. To the best of my knowledge, only one color print of the show is known to exist, it's located in one place, and you must travel to that place in order to view the entire show.

At the beginning of this clip, I've included a (rare) color version of the Stage 67 opening, along with a portion of the opening credits to On the Flip Side. Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: The Paper Chase Theme Song, 1979

One of the finer television shows of the mostly blah 1970s was The Paper Chase, with John Houseman and James Stephens. Because it was so good, the network--in its infinite wisdom--canceled it after only one season. It was picked up four years later by the Showtime network, but by then, the series had lost its freshness.

Seals and Crofts recorded a version of the opening credits (there were three or four versions over the life of the series), and it was the best (The First Years). But it was never released in stereo, pristine copies of the mono version don't exist, and we're left with whatever versions are preserved on the commercial DVD releases of the series...which are sub-standard.

I've taken the best extended audio possible, remixed it to produce stereo, and matched it to the video of the opening credits. Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Fantasy Video
: Walk On By, Dionne Warwick, 196? (stereo remix; A.I. assist)

This is not a rare clip; you can watch it on that big site. But this version has had most of the audio stripped away and a new stereo remix has been added (NOTE: In October 2022, this clip was re-processed using A.I.; it provided dramatic improvements of Dionne's facial features).

The original audio is so annoyingly piercing and poorly done, it just didn't do anything for Dionne's performance, which is her best. I was able to lift her voice-only from the soundtrack and matched it up with stereo instrumentals. The result is impressive; in my opinion, it should have been done like this when first broadcast.

The audio isn't perfect; there is some bleedthrough during the exquisite dance was impossible for me to remove all the artifacts. Still, the final result is exceptional, first-class, and Dionne's original vocals are a perfect match for the instrumentals. Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

William Talman Anti-Smoking Mini Documentary, 1968

This video is 3 minutes, 20 seconds in length. I created it for one of my old websites several years ago. It has been upgraded with new audio.

In his day, back in the late 1950s and into the 1960s, everybody knew William Talman as the loser attorney on the TV show, Perry Mason. Both Talman and his third wife had their share of unwanted publicity back in the early '60s (you can look that one up's kind of funny to me nowadays, especially since pot is legal where I live). Shortly after the show ended, Talman was diagnosed with lung cancer. He knew he didn't have long to live, and he wanted to make an anti-smoking television commercial, warning people that this could happen to them. He got his last wish, and he made the very first such PSA (Public Service Announcement) for broadcast.

This ad is impossible to find in mint condition; most of the copies available are discolored with age, losing their true colors. The copy I have was found many years ago on a VHS tape; its colors are still fairly well-preserved. Here is the PSA, presented in its entirety, at the end of the commentary.

Fantasy Video
: Hertz Commercial with The Hi-Lo's, 1964

Many people remember the catchy tune in the old Hertz rental-car commercials, with the guy descending into the car from above...let Hertz put YOU in the driver's seat...

There is an extended recording-studio scene of the making of this commercial in the motion picture, Good Neighbor Sam, and it features the sensational Hi-Lo's singing their famous mono, not stereo.

I've taken that footage, diced and spliced it, converted the mono track into a "true" (but fake) stereo track, and put them all together. The video includes before and after versions...the black-and-white "before" video is just for effect, to enhance the experience. The end result is pretty cool...and it took what seemed like 152 years to create. Wear headphones. Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.

Orange (Cellular) and the WWW, UK TV Ad, 2010

Cute television ad that was broadcast in the United Kingdom several years ago, by Orange, a cellphone company. The Wicked Witch of the West and her friend, Vicki, participate in a two-for-one movie theater offer sponsored by Orange.

When you see the WWW (apparently named Phyl) pal'ing around with her buddy, nonchalantly trying to do stuff together with the rest of society, it's just funny. Rachel, who plays the part of the witch, certainly looks and sounds the part.

There are several favorite bits in this clever ad, but I like the brief appearance of Toto...I'll bet many viewers missed the fleeting homage.

Fantasy Video
: Juicy Fruit Tree, 1976

Very rare television commercial from the mid-1970s. Although there were several variations of the Juicy Fruit Tree theme, I have been unable to locate this particular version anywhere on the web. My copy is a muddled-sounding, poor quality clip I found on a very old VHS tape decades ago. Other, better-quality variations of this theme have dated disco-sounding music...and worse.

The catchy tune in this ad got my attention when I first heard it. I attempted to convert it from mono to stereo, but the results are mediocre...disappointing, really. However, there is a general improvement in audio quality and a general separation of some sounds. It is impossible to have a success story like this when the source material is so poor to begin with. I tried. Please don't: Placement of this video and audio on YouTube (or any other site) is not allowed.