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What's New? November & December 2023

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The Christmas holiday page is here. Just click the only (usually forbidden!) red button on this page to see a bunch of Christmas/holiday clips from years past (if you don't see the red button on this page at the left, clear your browser's cache, then reload this page). All of the holiday videos go away in January 2024.

In Video Vault and separate from the Christmas page, Maggie stirs up more trouble, this time for Andy Griffith in a seldom-seen film from 1969, An Angel In My Pocket.

Note: If you have content or insights that you would like included at this web site, please contact me at ran at margarethamilton dot com.

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This site no longer supports the Opera browser...we've got better things to do than spend hours and hours figuring out what the kids at Opera did to screw up everybody's browser experience. The latest version of Firefox is now the test browser for this site.

October 2023

1) In Video Vault, an unspeakable act: I colorized Miss Gulch, just to see what she looked like. It's not that bad...but it's an atrocity to Oz, and I will never do it again.

2) Also in Video Vault (top right column), I found an old television ad, in stereo, for The Wizard of Oz on Ice, coming to a Portland Oregon convention facility sometime in 1996.

3) In Cora ads, Henry the Hiker (top right column) has been upgraded.

4) Lastly, in Video Vault, the Gunsmoke outtake clip has been upgraded.

September 2023

1) In My Attic Treasures, a mostly restored color advertisement film that was shown in theaters back in the 1940s (yes, they had commercials back then, too). This one was for Pepsi:Cola (with the double-dot).

2) In Cora ads, Supply Day with Judd Hirsch has been upgraded (top right column of that page);

3) In My Attic Treasures, the opening credits and music from the rare color copy of Hullabaloo is upgraded (top right column of that page).

August 2023

1) In Cora ads, a new find is added to the collection, this one involving Cora helping out two students looking for ideas on what refreshments could be served to those attending a class play (top left column).

2) In Cora ads, three more AI upgrades to existing ads, which include: A. Something New, Something Old (top right column); B. The Campers, 1972 (right column); C. After Hours, 1974 (right column)

3) In My Attic Treasures, Medley from Music Music Music, Carpenters, 1980

My Attic Treasures: Dino, Desi, & Billy: RC "Mad Mad Mad Mad" Cola, 1967 Restored

In My Attic Treasures, a cola ad made exclusively for Nancy Sinatra's 1967 television special, Movin' with Nancy. It featured the then-popular (bubblegum) pop band, "Dino, Desi, & Billy".

My Attic Treasures: Evening at Pops: Carpenters Close to You, Partial Restoration

In My Attic Treasures, perhaps the best copy on the web of the Carpenters singing Close to You on the 1974 PBS show, Evening at Pops. Includes one minute of master-copy footage that surfaced a few years back, the only pristine footage seen since 1974.

July 2023

Video Vault: You Only Live Once, 1937

In Video Vault, a classic film that had several historical firsts, some of them as dark and moody as the movie. Both black-and-white (original) and colorized versions are included in two separate clips.

Cora Ads Batch #2: Three Upgrades, One New

In Cora ads, three more AI upgrades to existing ads and a second new ad featuring Vivian Vance's, "Maxine", the Maxwell House Instant server.

This release represents batch #2 of upgrades to most of the Cora ads. Four additional upgrades will be here next month.

My Attic Treasures:
1) Look For the Union Label PSA (1978) and Joe Glazer;
2) Vintage AD From About 1965: Great Shakes

In My Attic Treasures, a highly popular PSA of America's textile union, the ILGWU, restored as best as possible. The late Joe Glazer, pro-union American folk singer, recorded this song—his version is included after the ILGWU ad. Glazer's version includes 1953 footage of textile mill workers, courtesy of the Prelinger Archives.

A second vintage ad is also new this month: Great Shakes, probably from 1965. Ad is in extremely poor condition, but has been upgraded and colorized using AI. Popular ad at the time, but the commercial hype was far more exciting than the alleged milkshake.

June 2023

My Attic Treasures: No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) Fantasy Restoration, Alka-Seltzer

In My Attic Treasures, a wildly successful mid-1960s commercial ad for Alka-Seltzer. The song and film footage were recorded in 1965 exclusively for Alka-Seltzer. By 1966, the ad's background music was such a hit, a new group (the T-Bones) was invented to re-record the song for the radio pop music scene.

Cora Ads Batch #1: Three Upgrades, One New

In Cora ads, three AI upgrades to existing ads and one new Maxwell House ad featuring Vivian Vance, "Maxine" successor to Margaret Hamilton's "Cora".

This release represents batch #1 of upgrades to most of the Cora ads. I hope to upgrade most of the others in the future, ultimately achieving the cleanest/clearest copies on the web.

May 2023

My Attic Treasures: The Seekers, Fictional Restoration of I'll Never Find Another You, 1968

In My Attic Treasures, a fictional restoration of the mid-60s hit song by the Australian group, The Seekers, staging a re-recording of their smash hit from the mid-60s, I'll Never Find Another You. Featuring incredible vocals by the late Judith Durham.

My Attic Treasures: A Song For You Fantasy Restoration, Carpenters

In My Attic Treasures, an October 1972 showing of an abbreviated "A Song For You" by the Carpenters, from the television show Bob Hope Special. Footage has been processed with A.I., and the audio is now true stereo.

Video Vault and My Attic Treasures: Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jane Powell do The Jitterbug, 1964

In Video Vault and My Attic Treasures, a very special skit from the short-lived and long-gone Judy Garland Show with the trio performing a song that was dropped from The Wizard of Oz film. Colorized with enhanced audio.

Video Vault: The Bat, 1960

In Video Vault, Margaret plays the ultra-worrisome maid to Helen Hayes. This teleplay was the premiere show of a series that was destined for a brief life due to the death of its host. Upgraded and colorized from a very poor source copy.

Pix: Updated Rare Collectibles

In Pix, The "Rare Collectibles" section is updated to include a new, gigantic-sized Funko Pop! poster/figures celebrating The Wizard of Oz. Separately, it appears the limited edition "Toto (ASPCA)" Funko Pop! is no longer available.

April 2023

9 April 2023 upgrades

In Video Vault, "Lays Potato Chips, Bert Lahr" sees a big improvement in video quality (although it's still in semi-terrible condition). Also, in My Attic Treasures, a significant "fantasy restoration" of Only In America by Jay and the Americans.

Video Vault: The Trouble With Father: Problem Party, Colorized

In Video Vault, snooping Margaret gets caught by the law and is nearly arrested in a "peeping tom" incident. From a forgettable early television series, first aired in 1950.

My Attic Treasures: Ali MacGraw/Barry Manilow for Polaroid Swinger, 1965

In My Attic Treasures, all three "Polaroid Swinger" TV ads, first broadcast in 1965, featuring new face, Ali MacGraw, with a very young Barry Manilow singing the jingle. Most people don't realize there were three versions of this ad; the third rare one has a Christmas theme. Original black-and-white versions are in one clip; colorized versions are in the other. With enhanced audio.

March 2023

My Attic Treasures: Mamas and Papas upgraded Nowhere Man (28 March 2023)

In My Attic Treasures, an improved and fictional restoration of the Mamas and Papas singing "Nowhere Man" from the old television show, Hullabaloo, originally broadcast in 1966.

My Attic Treasures: Addams Family, Morticia's Romance Colorized

In My Attic Treasures, Ester Frump brings her two daughters over, hoping to connect Ophelia with Gomez. Fantasy video featuring A.I. colorization.

My Attic Treasures: Cass' Mama and Mama Cass

Also in My Attic Treasures, an old Chun King television commerial featuring Mama Cass' real mother, Bess Cohen, followed by a brief skit featuring Cass Elliot singing "Minnie the Moocher" on the Julie Andrews Hour.

My Attic Treasures: Sweet Sweet Smile Remix, Carpenters

Also in My Attic Treasures, a rousing remix of one of the least heard but best songs done by the Carpenters on German television. Fantasy video featuring an alternate opening to the song.

February 2023

My Attic Treasures: Carpenters' Top of the World, French TV 1980/81

In My Attic Treasures, the French television version of Top of the World has been upgraded using A.I. software.

Pix: One-Of-A-Kind Autograph Book Bunny, the Brownie Leader, 1962

In Pix and Videos, the Danny Thomas Show clip ("Bunny, the Brownie Leader") has been upgraded using A.I. software.

Video Vault: Margaret Hamilton Visits, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, 1975

In Video Vault, Margaret visits Fred Rogers in a gentle interview designed to make the Wicked Witch of the West seem grandmotherly to children who are otherwise afraid of's just all pretend, kids.

My Attic Treasures: Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched, 1966

In My Attic Treasures, Elizabeth Montgomery performs with dancers on The Hollywood Palace, to the theme song from Bewitched. Possibly the only time on television where the theme song was sung with the original lyrics.

Also included is a rare recording by Steve Lawrence singing the entire Bewitched theme song.

Note: If you have content or insights that you would like included at this web site, please contact me at ran at margarethamilton dot com.

January 2023

Video Vault: Ray Bolger and King Family, If I Only Had a Brain, 1967

In Video Vault, Filmed in 1966 and aired in 1967, Ray Bolger hosts The Hollywood Palace, singing If I Only Had a Brain, with a few members of the King Family singing with him.

November 2022

Video Vault: A.I. Assisted, A Slight Case of Murder, 1938

In Video Vault, Margaret makes a very brief appearance in a comedy with an ominous title. This film was released just before a 1939 movie that would forever change the direction of Maggie's life.

My Attic Treasures: A.I. Assisted, Jay and the Americans, 1965

In My Attic Treasures, a clip from the television show, Hullabaloo, Jay and the Americans singing a live version of their hit, Only In America. This recording is a slower, more intimate version of the song, in some ways, better than the studio release. Jay's golden voice--like that of Karen Carpenter--was flawless, even when singing live.

Also in My Attic Treasures, Jay and the Americans lip-syncing one of their other big hits, Let's Lock the Door (and Throw Away the Key), from the same 1965 Hullabaloo show. One of the crummiest source-videos around (the master copies are long gone), this has been processed using A.I. to improve the visual quality.

This Is How I Felt, September 2017

Move over, Dorothy...

...and give me that compress. Your adventure was a walk in the park compared to mine.

This website disappeared a few years ago, mainly because of the other two websites that were attached to it. Now, after so many years of darkness, it's time to get busy again.

I promised myself and others, too, that I would get this thing up and running by September 2017. They said it would be easy—like clicking my heels three times?—and they lied, BIGtime. Everything changed while I was gone: HTML was no longer the way I remembered it. Browsers don't work like they used to. And who, pray tell, killed Netscape?

But I did it. There was no wizard to help me, no ruby shoes, no Glinda, no nothing. And no Toto, too. I even went to California looking for her, only to find out that her burial ground was paved over by a highway (disrespect much?...geez...I did drive over it, however). And I also found this.

But I'm done (for today), and you're Home. There's no place like you can plainly see.

Your webmaster, Ran (September 2017; ran at margarethamilton dot com)

(continued) My Attic Treasures: Karen Carpenter and John Davidson, 1980

In My Attic Treasures, another clip from the television special, Music Music Music, Karen Carpenter and John Davidson singing and dancing to, You're Just In Love, in stereo.

October 2022/August 2023

My Attic Treasures: Upgraded and A.I. Enhanced, Carpenters Medley, 1980

In My Attic Treasures, an update of my first attempt using A.I. software. The video is from the 1980 television special, Music Music Music, starring Karen and Richard Carpenter. This was their last and best special. It also featured Ella Fitzgerald and John Davidson.

My Attic Treasures: A.I. Assisted, Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet, 1973

In My Attic Treasures, artificial intelligence is once again used to improve a mediocre-quality video. The video is the rare Henry Mancini appearance on the defunct Julie Andrews Hour, from 1973. This was her final show in the series, and "Hank" played his giant hit, Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet.

September 2022

My Attic Treasures: Carpenters' Top of the World, French TV, 1980/81

In My Attic Treasures, a rare viewing of the Carpenters singing one of their top songs, for French TV. This clip includes the original audio where Karen sings with the studio recording.

My Attic Treasures: Chevy Castleton Tower Ads, 1964/1973

In My Attic Treasures, as promised some time back here, I've added the shorter/alternate 1964 Castleton Tower Chevy ad (Moab, Utah), along with the very rare 1973 Chevy Impala, a remake of the earlier ads...and just as frightening as the first.

The image you see on the left is a full-page ad that appeared once in a national magazine, for the 1973 Chevy.

August 2022

Video Vault: Sesame Street Banned Episode 847

In Video Vault, the most controversial episode of Sesame Street, shown only once in 1976 and then it was banned from ever being aired again. For nearly half a century, this particular show, "The Wicked Witch of the West", was thought to be lost forever. And then on 22 July 2022, somebody uploaded it online.

July 2022

Video Vault: Follow That Man; Pix: Rare Collectibles

In Video Vault, a clip from the forgettable film, Follow That man, released in 1953.

In Pix, finally I am including a few Wizard of Oz collectibles from my collection.

In the future, I hope to show more collectibles from the Oz movie as well as additional MH-related items.

April 2022

Cora ads: Four More Ads

In Cora ads, four additional spots featuring Maggie as "Cora" (for Maxwell House coffee) have been added.

I believe this site hosts more Cora ads than any site on the web, or at least I hope so. It amazes me just how many of these ads Maggie produced...they must have kept her in good financial condition for many years.

Coming in the weeks ahead, I hope to spotlight (in Pix) many of the more "modern" collectibles/rarities that are sought after by the Wizard of Oz crowd. These items--there are many--are all part of's collection. Like most everything else, prices have skyrocketed over the last few years as more and more of them have become increasingly impossible to find.

March 2022

Video Vault: Stablemates

In the Video Vault, a clip from the 1938 motion picture Stablemates, starring Wallace Beery and Mickey Rooney.

A delightfully amusing tale of two drifters with intentions of leeching off of Margaret...only to have the tables turned on them. Released the year before The Wizard of Oz, this screwball comedy nicely highlights the other side of Margaret, namely, her sense of humor and willingness to play the frumpy no-nonsense boss-woman.

My Attic Treasures: On the Flip Side, Try To See It My Way

In My Attic Treasures, another true color and stereo-mixed version of Burt Bacherach's Try To See It My Way, the third rare clip I've featured from a 1966 television special on ABC's Stage 67.

Again, this show is impossible to find in color with stereo audio; see the descriptions below for more information about On the Flip Side.

February 2022

My Attic Treasures: Ticket to Ride, Carpenters & Andy Williams (A.I. Assisted)

In My Attic Treasures, a stereo-mixed version of Karen and Richard Carpenters', Ticket to Ride, with Andy Williams.

This was broadcast in early 1971 on the Andy Williams Show. It was a most sought-after clip for years, and then somebody released a mostly clean video of the show a few years ago...complete with intrusive, ugly watermarks.

Video Vault: Addams Family: Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump

In the Video Vault, a classic (and colorized) clip from a 1966 episode of the television show, The Addams Family.

This is really a funny show as Maggie thinks that Morticia and Gomez are going to send her to a rest home instead of a beauty spa. So she concocts a bizarre strategy to convince them she's still young.

January 2022

My Attic Treasures: On the Flip Side, Juanita's Place

In My Attic Treasures, a true color and stereo-mixed version of Burt Bacherach's Juanita's Place, the second clip I've featured from a 1966 television special on ABC's Stage 67.

Once more, this particular show is impossible to find in color; all versions are poor black-and-white multi-generation VHS copies. There is only one known color print, and it's available for viewing only in person and only in one place. (continued next column)

Video Vault: Time Out For Ginger

In the Video Vault, a weakly colorized version of a failed 1962 television pilot series, Time Out For Ginger.

This is really a terrible pilot; it takes a lot of patience to sit through the whole 23+ minutes. But the theme song, especially the closing version, is extreme retro catchy (or did I mean kitchy?).

December 2021

My Attic Treasures: On the Flip Side, Rick Nelson and Joanie Sommers

In My Attic Treasures, a true color and stereo-mixed version of Rick Nelson singing Yesterday's Heroes from a 1966 television special on ABC's Stage 67.

I'm guessing that nobody coming to the site realizes just how rare is this clip. The reason is that there is only one known color copy of this show, and it's located in only one place on earth...and you must travel to that place in order to view this particular show in its entirety.

My Attic Treasures: The Paper Chase, Seals and Crofts

In My Attic Treasures, a stereo remix of Seals and Crofts' The First Years theme song for the 1970s television series, The Paper Chase.

This catchy song was never released as a single, nor was it released in stereo; existing copies on the web are mostly poor and muddied sounding.

My Attic Treasures: Walk On By, Dionne Warwick

In My Attic Treasures, a stereo remix of Dionne Warwick's stunning performance of her 1960s hit, Walk On By.

The badly needed audio upgrade extracts Dionne's original mono vocals from the soundtrack and matches them to new stereo instrumentals. The result is well worth the amount of work it took to produce this upgrade. Look for it at the top of far-right column in the Treasures section.

November 2021

My Attic Treasures: Chevrolet 1964, Castleton Tower

In My Attic Treasures, the first version of the most famous Chevrolet TV commercial, stereo-enhanced, broadcast during the fall 1963 season of Bonanza.

Filmed atop Castleton Tower in Moab Utah.

My Attic Treasures: Mamas and Papas in Color/Stereo

In My Attic Treasures, from a 1966 broadcast featuring the Mamas and Papas on the television show, Hullabaloo, a colorized and stereo-enhanced one-of-a-kind version of Nowhere Man.

There are no color copies of this broadcast because all but two of the original color prints of the series were destroyed. This particular song is a favorite of fans; it was never studio-recorded by the group and was performed only this one time on the show, 14 March 1966.

June 2018

Pix: One-of-a-kind Autograph Book, with Video

In Pix, a rare, twice-authenticated, one-of-a-kind find featuring Margaret and several co-stars from a special television appearance in a 1962 episode of The Danny Thomas Show...including video. is the owner of this unique piece.

Also in Pix and Video Vault is a new clip from the rarely seen Danny Thomas episode, Bunny, the Brownie Leader, featuring guest star, Margaret Hamilton.

April 2018

Pix: Extraordinary Autographs

In Pix, prolific author of several television and movie history books, Stephen Cox, shares personal insights behind an amazing photo containing 20 autographs of then-surviving Munchkins from the 1939 The Wizard of Oz film. The autographs were collected at various times, beginning in the 1980s, all the way through the 2000s. is the new and proud owner of this museum piece.

Also in Pix is another Munchkin photo featuring autographs of nice-guys Tommy Cottonaro and Jerry Maren.

Video Vault: Nothing Sacred, 1937

In Video Vault is a new clip from an early Hamilton movie, Nothing Sacred released in 1937...and in color!

This Is Mainly Why We're Here

Where to Begin?

Many years ago (while walking down the yellow-brick road...), I thought it would be nice to own a piece of The Wizard of Oz. Since I'm no Willard Carroll, who owns more than his fair share of Oz memorabilia (not mad, just jealous...), was all I could afford. Why was it available? That's a good question: It was just sitting there waiting to be snapped up, and I was the first to snap.

But why MH? Because her 12-minute WWW appearance in The Wizard of Oz not only stole the movie, but continues to scare the tarnation out of kids around the world. I love that!...and so do they, something they'll appreciate when they grow up.

And then there's the fact that Margaret—Maggie, as she liked to be called—so much reminded me of my good friend, Mabel. Mabel and I were your typical Harold and Maude couple—minus any kind of romantic stuff—we could discuss anything together, we were always there to support each other, and we remained friends until senility stepped in and took her away from me and the world. Plain speaking, down to earth, about the same age as Maggie...Mabel was a gift. Anyway, that's how this all came about...almost...

And then there is also my perverse need to skate on the edge of technology and post "other stuff" on a wide range of subjects. All the other stuff is why there is a My Attic Treasures section...not that I even have a real attic.

If you are a copyright holder of anything on this site and you don't like what I've done, just tell me. I will take down your copyrighted stuff pronto, no harm or disrespect done or intended. But I think the content is either in the public domain (most of it is well over 50 years old), was filmed or designed by me, or falls under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Theft of Work for YouTube

On all of the videos on this site, you will see messages asking you not to steal the work here, and place it on YouTube.

Video content on this website is watermarked; all of the videos contain keep-off-of-YouTube warnings, and they are watermarked several times with this site's identity.

I am not a fan of YT and have never given or shared my work on that site. Furthermore, I don't make money off of anything here. YouTube, however, is a censoring, stealth-surveillance, money-generating corporation worth billions, built off the backs of the artists who originally created the media, and people like me, who promote it in a fair-use manner. Furthermore, YouTube is affiliated with a world-wide famed search engine that feeds information to the surveillance state. Please don't help these corporations grow and prosper; I have enough to do without having to deal with corporate parasites.